Kirby Misperton

Although the smallest group in the area, the group in Kirby Misperton have a number of initiatives under its belt, including:

  • The recycling corner recycles crisp packets, cosmetic items, ink cartridges, bottle tops, dental products and even mascara wands which are donated to Pickering Hedgehog Rescue, used to remove ticks from their spiny patients! There is also a box for fabrics to donate to the local Morsbags project.Crisp packets are the most frequently donated items, with 16 kg of crisp packets collected so far. Collection of pet food pouches is also very significant. Check out the TerraCycle website if you wish to set up a scheme near you. Otherwise contact us on
  • A fruit juice scheme allows otherwise unwanted apples and pears to be made into juice and sold to raise money for local causes.

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Litter Picking

Litter pick-up days happen on a regular basis with many villagers getting involved. Sadly, much rubbish is discarded from car windows from some Flamingoland visitors.

A number of villagers also pick litter regularly on their recreational walks. See below the routes and latest number of bags collected.

Bags of Litter Collected

Routes 1,2,341/223
Route 421/215
Route 54222
Route 62
Route 1,2,33
Route 41
Route 51
Route 6

Litter Collected
Mainly cans, bottles,crisp/snack wrappers and disposable cups.
1 tyre found on route 5.
14 rum bottles picked up on right hand side of Kirby Misperton road beween bridge and A169.