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Ideas for Action

Food and Drink

  • Shop local
  • Eat less meat
  • Composting
  • When buying, check country of origin – less airmiles is best
  • Use the “weigh” shops
  • Shop with companies who offset thier carbon footprint
  • Try to buy non-processed food
  • Bake more goods instead of buying such as biscuits and cakes


  • Utilise public transport where possible
  • More virtual meetings rather than travelling to a location
  • Cycle and walk more where possible


  • Air source heat pump
  • Heated towel rails
  • Renewable Heat Incentive
  • If you are on oil, consider joining or creating an oil co-operative
  • Sign up to a renewable energy company

Personal Items (Stuff)

  • Use charity shops
  • Use sites such as Freegle and Freecycle
  • Buy ethically made and sourced items
  • Buy locally made items
  • Wrap presents in reusable bags, teatowels, newspaper, maps, sheet music etc.
  • Donate to charities instead of buying gifts
  • Make gifts
  • Try and fix items before buying new