Inspirational environmental talks with special guests hosted by Ryedale Environmental Group. All talks take place via Zoom.


Geothermal Energy in Ryedale
Tuesday 19th March at 7pm via Zoom
With Karl Farrow, Founder and CEO of CeraPhi Energy

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CeraPhi’s recent acquisition of Third Energy’s assets is opening up genuine possibilities to re-purpose boreholes originally created for fracking as a source of geothermal energy. Karl will cover the basics on how geothermal works and will share current thinking and investigations underway on how local businesses and residents could benefit from this opportunity for green energy. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion after the presentation.

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Green Transformation of Community Buildings
From cutting single use plastics to installing renewable energy with Ray Newton, Monk Fryston and Hillam Community Centre

Over 20 years ago, the community in Monk Fryston and Hillam started taking steps to make their Community Centre “greener”, tackling the building, the facilities available, and all practices that take place there.  It started with a drop-off recycling point, but has now been transformed to become a green epicentre for their community, including installation of solar panels and air source heat pumps. This is a fantastic opportunity to hear about “warts and all” real-life implementation of sustainable practices. It promises to be full of insights for those who look after community buildings and regular householders alike.

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  1. The Flexible Plastic door strips – click here
  2. The bespoke 19th Century windows – Robin Parkin the CA chair told me yesterday.
    ‘Ours all came from who are based in Kelfield between Cawood and Riccall. They are not cheap though – it came in at £21k for all of the 13 external windows and 2 doors. They are made from Accoya which is a chemically treated softwood that then acts like a hardwood.’
  3. Insulation contractors Cavity Wall Insulation | Yorks | Derbys | Notts | Lincs | Multi-Therm Ltd . They are at Dinnington South Yorkshire and cover an area from Birmingham to Newcastle – coast to coast. They were recommended to me by a resident who was installing an ASHP at his home; we also used them at home to do an insulation survey of our house and I know a third villager is just about to use them. Our Church Hall facility managers commented they were very impressed with their approach only didn’t go ahead with them because without insulating the Church Hall roof it would have been a waste of money to do the walls.
  4. Our Project Updates Our latest project update as a sample of what I/we produce. Anyone can sign up for it. They can all be found on our website

A Swift Recovery: Keeping the Skies Alive with Edward Mayer, Swift Conservation

The UK has seen swift numbers decline by 53% between 1995 and 2016. However, we can all play a part in creating a better future for this unique and iconic bird. Swift Conservation works with the general public, local and national government, housing associations, developers and architects to aid Swifts and other building dependent wildlife. In addition to providing nesting sites, there is much we can all do to improve the wider ecosystem to help swifts.

Edward Mayer has been working on preserving the future of swifts for 20 years. Join him for this insightful talk and to have all your questions about swifts answered.

Nature-friendly farming: Practices that build a sustainable, productive future for farming, and how we can all support them with Mark Palmer, Sustainable Farming Advisor at Systems4food

Mark will present an overview of how modern, intensive farming methods are damaging the planet, and the nature-friendly approaches that can provide a sustainable way forward. He will also share examples of action we can take to support positive change.
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Keep Ryedale Buzzing
The plight of pollinators and how we can help with Claire Ivey, Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Bumblebees and other pollinators are in serious decline. We could be in serious trouble too, not least because a third of all our food relies on pollination from bees and other insects. Tune in for a overview of the problems, and mostly importantly, what we can all do as individuals to help the recovery.

Read all about the great work that the Bumblebee Conservation Trust do here:

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North Yorkshire Climate Strategy: Your chance to influence the way ahead
Jos Holmes (NYCC Climate Change Policy Officer) and Adam Vaughan (RDC Climate Change Officer

The 7 Districts and North Yorkshire County Council are merging in April 2023 to become North Yorkshire Council. As part of that process, the local authorities are working together to develop their combined approach to a Climate Change Strategy for the new Authority. As part of the Strategy development process, Jos Holmes and Adam Vaughan would like to be able to discuss their approach and collect feedback on any particular issues you would like to high

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Ryedale Geothermal Project

Representatives from Third Energy and Ryedale District Council discuss this pioneering project underway in Ryedale, which aims to produce clean renewable energy from underground. Read more about it here.

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The Yorkshire and Humber Climate Action Plan
Andy Gouldson,  Professor of Environmental Policy, The University of Leeds

Andy Gouldson was instrumental in the Yorkshire and Humberside Climate Commission’s Action Plan that was published at the end of last year. Andy will talk through the aims and principles of the climate action report, and will discuss the framework for change and key actions proposed within. We’ll then discuss how local environmental groups can play their part in achieving the goals set out for this region.

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View the Climate Action Plan for Yorkshire and Humber here

A Wilder Life –  a conversation with local naturalist Amy-Jane Beer

In this free-form session Amy-Jane will share some of her immersive encounters with the local wild and read from her forthcoming book The Flow. She is very happy to answer questions, especially relating to rivers, trees, rewilding of land and human life, and equality of access to nature. Local naturalist, author and campaigner Amy-Jane began her career as a biologist, science writer and editor, before beginning a transition to creative nature writing and environmental activism. She is author of several dozen books, a Country Diarist for The Guardian, columnist for British Wildlife, contributor to BBC Wildlife and Countryfile magazines, President of Friends of the Dales and conservation advisor to the Castle Howard estate.

Tackling Climate Change in Ryedale
An audience with Adam Vaughan, the new Climate Change Officer at Ryedale District Council

Adam Vaughan discusses what action should be taken at council level on tackling the climate emergency. Adam outlines current plans the council have.

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Global Perspectives on Environmental Action

Two global perspectives on tackling environmental issues. Live speakers from Uganda and Peru. There will be representatives from Saving Earth Africa, (based in Uganda) and a speaker from Peru.

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An hour-long presentation on the climate crisis and its solutions. Join Ali Webb, climate change communicator and filmmaker for an interactive and engaging talk that will leave you inspired to take climate action in this crucial year.

This November, the UK will be hosting COP26, the most important climate negotiations since the Paris Agreement. What is a COP? What happens? How is the UK progressing and what can you do? Come along (virtually) to find out the answers.

Ali is a Climate Reality Leader, trained by former US Vice President Al Gore. He runs Change the Climate, a non-profit organisation that educates and inspires citizens through talks, workshops and events.

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Wildlife Gardening
Ros Lilley from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust joins us to discuss how gardens can be beautiful as well as wildlife friendly. All gardens are important and can support wildlife by offering a haven habitat.

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Recycling Plastics in Ryedale
Jane Robinson, Waste and Recycling Officer at Ryedale District Council presents facts, figures and trends on recycling plastics in Ryedale. Learn what happens to plastics collected and RDC’s plans for the future. Plus hints and tips to reduce your plastic usage.
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Your Digital Carbon Footprint and How to Reduce It by the University of York Students
What price does the planet pay every time we send an email, search in Google, watch Netflix or join a Zoom call? You’d be surprised! Having recently completed a short project on improving business sustainability, a team of four students from York University have come up with some fascinating insights and practical actions we can all take to reduce our digital carbon footprint.
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Paths for Everyone by Helen Gundry, Secretary of Ryedale Cycle Forum
Helen Gundry leads a conversation on why paths for everyone are important, and the recent progress that Ryedale Cycle Forum have made towards some new paths in Ryedale. In this Zoom presentation, Helen will share some of the progress so far,  the designs, route ideas, considerations and hurdles… and ways that you might be able to help. 
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